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Stay Serene with Sage Green this Spring and Summer

There’s no colour that shouts out ‘spring’ and replicates nature itself better than green.

Happily, it reminds us of those little green plant shoots poking through the soil and coming into life. It’s also the colour of grass and who doesn’t love the smell of that when it’s freshly cut?

So, it’s not surprising then that green is a colour many of us want in our homes. Certainly, when it comes to colour psychology, green is a colour that resonates ‘balance and harmony.’

Green also works well with many other colours. Forest green looks great with black or white, for instance, while light green can help tone down brighter shades such as pinks and yellows.

And, actually, those in interiors circles will already know that green has been the ‘go to’ colour for some time now. It flourished in 2022 and is still making its mark, along with the biophilic design trend. The latter puts emphasis on nature and applauds the idea of humans living in harmony with the natural environment.

Sage – the shade of many plants and even the name of a herb – has become the green shade of choice. It’s certainly a soothing green, and one which adds a calming touch to our homes (something we were very much in need of during the chaos of the pandemic). Because of this, it’s the perfect sleepy shade for a bedroom or bathroom:

Using sage green as a ‘neutral’

Muted, lighter tones of sage make great wall colours – some designers even use them as a ‘neutral.’ And, because, it’s on the cooler side of the colour spectrum it means you can add in lots of ‘warmer’ accessories to brighten things up a little. These green accessories are perfect for this.

You could also use certain metallics to add warmth. Copper and rose gold are ideal, especially in the form of pendant lighting, plant pots, mirrors and even candles.

Colourist Annie Sloan describes sage as being a ‘greyish green.’ Because of this is also works well with other neutrals, such as beige and white, as this sitting room testifies to:

And how about sage green with another neutral – this time in the form of grey itself. In the following kitchen it doesn’t just open up the space, but the grey gives a softer touch than stark bright white (note the light wood stools adding to the earthy, natural theme):

A lighter shade of sage can also give the impression of bringing the garden inside – especially if you helpfully provide some foliage too. Natural textures work well with this shade too, especially sisal, bamboo and rattan. It looks fabulous with wooden floorboards, as this bright and welcoming entrance hall clearly shows:

Get in touch

Here at Caroline jane Homeware we’re big fans of sage green and, in fact, green in general. It’s why we have plenty of lovely warm metallics, natural textured rugs and other accessories to help inspire your next room transformation project. We’d also love to help you with your interior mood board so do get in touch via email: [email protected] or join the conversation on our social media. We love to chat – and see your ideas too.