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How to Make a Smaller Room Look Larger

Apart from the obvious – such as decluttering and putting up large mirrors – there are plenty of smart ways to make a small room appear much larger than it actually is. And we’re not talking about knocking down a wall either. No, our ideas don’t cost a lot, but they do make lots of sense. For instance:

Get clever with colour

Choose lighter shades to make the room feel ‘airy’ and whatever colours you do choose, keep them within the same tonal palette e.g. rust and terracotta or peach, coral and beige etc. That way the room becomes more of a cohesive space, rather than being chopped up into ‘bits’ of contrasting colour. If you’re opting for a more pronounced colour such as blue or green then opt for softer tones.

When it comes to the ceiling and floor though, keep both light and very neutral. Right now, it’s fashionable to have a gloss finish on the ceiling.

Furniture doesn’t need to be funky

Light-toned furniture, such as chairs, tables, stools etc. made from stripped and reclaimed, light wood or other natural materials such as polished marble, will keep the room feeling airy. Even better, find furniture that matches the wall colour.

Furniture made from transparent materials such as a glass table top or Lucite stool, will also make a room feel larger since you can see through these. The same applies to tables with legs where you can view the larger floor space. That means tables with thin tapered legs and a sofa which is elegant and neat rather than large and chunky.

And, on the subject of furniture, the more multi-functional the better i.e. a coffee table acting as a trunk etc. That way if you feel you desperately want coffee table magazines or your iPad to flick through, you can easily tidy them away once you’re done.

Let in light

Plenty of light – whether it’s natural or artificial – will also open up a room. To attract more daylight, keep curtains light (both in colour and feel). Layer artificial light. For instance, you could have a hanging pendant, wall lights for ambience and a floor standing lamp for task lighting.

Try different textures

Playing around with textures is a great way to add interest to a room, without introducing fussy ornaments or bold colours. Consider a fluffy sheepskin rug, cosy light patterned wool throw, leather cushions and a wonderful wooden lamp base, for instance.

Stay simple with stripes

Vertical stripes on wallpaper will make the room seem taller, while horizontal stripes on curtains can make a narrow window appear wider. The stripes don’t have to be large or contrasting either; they can be thin and light. And on that, note, keep the larger items of furniture, such as sofas and armchairs, in a solid colour, rather than patterned.

Magnify with mirrors

Yes, it’s an old trick, but using mirrors to reflect surfaces and make a room feel larger, really does work. That’s especially the case if those mirrors are particularly large. These days it’s easy to find mirrored furniture too, such as a console table or chest of drawers.

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